The ultimate aim of the project is to provide policymakers, healthcare decision makers and health service commissioners with a cost effective, evidenced-based healthcare intervention to help prevent maternal and child diabetes.

Technology can help make healthcare systems more sustainable by empowering patients, freeing up professional capacity and reaching more people than ever.

Using smartphone technology, the Bump2Baby and Me intervention may provide a low resource system of care for appropriate weight management and improved outcomes for both mother and baby. Remote delivery of healthcare can help to enable equality of access, help reach more women, and has been proven to be essential during the recent pandemic.

We hope to show that using technology in this way will have positive health outcomes for both mums and their babies, supporting early intervention and reducing the long-term demand for health services. This approach is completely novel and expected to be low-cost, making the Bump2Baby and Me mHealth coaching programme a potential game changer.

It is hoped that at the end of the project the Bump2Baby and Me mHealth coaching programme will be rolled out across maternity services, including those in low- to middle-income countries.

How to engage with us

There are a number of ways for policy and health stakeholders to connect to the Bump2Baby and Me project.

Forum Meetings

The aim of forum meetings is to ensure there is effective, bi-directional dialogue and exchange of information between policy and health stakeholders and researchers. The next meeting will be held on Thursday 13th June 2024.


Policy Communications

The latest project news and information will be shared via social media, the project website and press releases and at conferences and events. Please follow us on X, LinkedIn or sign up for news and updates.



A series of four workshops will be held, one in each country, at the end of the project. The aim of these workshops will be to disseminate the findings of the project and to roll out the Implementation Toolkit.


Policy Options

At the end of the project, Policy Options, including economic justifications for implementation of the Bump2Baby and Me intervention, will be the final and definitive communication to policymakers.


Interacting with the Bump2Baby and Me project may lead to several benefits for policy and health stakeholders, including an opportunity to:

  • Gain early and direct access to leading academics, and intelligence on the latest evidence-based research, to develop or reinforce their knowledge in maternal health and in the prevention of non-communicable diseases;
  • Contribute to and inform the Bump2Baby and Me project, a study working with innovative technologies, which may allow stakeholders to transfer expertise to other healthcare projects;
  • Develop trusted relationships with, and learn from, policy and health stakeholders through the exchange of knowledge.

For further information please contact Johanne Boulding at Beta.

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