Participant tea parties and study differences across sites

The Bump2Baby and Me trial ended in September 2023. As a thank you to our participants, who had been involved for over 20 months, we held tea parties at our Dublin and Bristol sites. This allowed us to meet with our mums, their toddlers and other family members again, in an informal setting for tea and cake. It was also an opportunity for them to chat with each other about their experiences!

Participants and their children at the National Maternity Hospital, Dublin, Tea Party

Participants and their children at the Southmead Hospital, Bristol, Tea Party and the Bump2Baby and Me Bristol team

At the start of the tea parties, a short video presentation by Sharleen O’Reilly, our Project Coordinator, was played. Sharleen explained the trial and what the intervention was all about. The difference between the control group and the intervention group, who received the Bump2Baby and Me mHealth Coaching Programme, was also explained.

We were able to share some of the study findings to date. We had posters made to highlight some of the interesting differences across all our study sites – even the little ones were intrigued! Our Bump2Baby and Me team really enjoyed catching up with our participants – the events were a real highlight for the team members involved.

An intrigued toddler in Dublin looking at the study poster

Our participants completed questionnaires during pregnancy and at 12 months postpartum. Below are some of the highlights.

Pregnancy statistics

Dublin mothers had the most other children, whereas Bristol had the most first-time mothers. In Melbourne, the number of boys born in our trial was significantly higher (60%) than the number of girls (40%) and the difference much greater than in other sites. In Granada, the babies born were the longest compared to the other sites, with an average length of 50.7cm.

12-month postpartum statistics

Women in Granada did the most cleaning but interestingly also had the least sleep. The questionnaires also showed that women in Bristol and Dublin found it the hardest to see the healthcare providers needed compared to the other sites.

Amount of light cleaning with 12-month-old baby

This included making beds, laundry, ironing and putting things away.

Amount of heavier cleaning with 12-month-old

This included vacuuming, mopping, sweeping and washing windows.

Download posters – English

Download posters – Spanish