Understanding the burden and impact of gestational diabetes

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The Bump2Baby and Me project will be hosting an online forum “Understanding the Burden and Impact of Gestational Diabetes” on Thursday, 25th November 2021 at 8.00am GMT (9.00am CET, 7.00pm AEDT).

This forum, the first in a series of events, will focus on the growing burden of gestational diabetes and the impact on health services. It will include a short presentation from the Bump2Baby and Me project team and will be followed by an informal discussion. Speakers include Project Coordinator, Dr Sharleen O’Reilly and Clinical Trials Manager, Dr Aisling Geraghty from University College Dublin. The discussion will be facilitated by Beta Technology’s Johanne Boulding.

The aim of this, and future forums, is to ensure there is effective, bi-directional dialogue and exchange of information between policy and health commissioners and researchers. The benefits of attending include an opportunity to network and engage with other policy, health and research stakeholders, and share knowledge and best practice.

About Bump2Baby and Me

The Bump2Baby and Me project is a five-year study focused on supporting women and their babies during and after pregnancy with healthy eating, being active and getting children off to the best start in life. At the heart of the study is a trial to test an innovative healthcare intervention with the aim of delivering implementable solutions for hospitals and health service providers.

The main objective of the project is to contribute to the early prevention of maternal and child diabetes, overweight and obesity and other non-communicable associated diseases, which include hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome, cognitive deficits, and behavioural issues.