Project Impact

Bump2Baby and Me is highly innovative. It will provide a novel, evidence based and low resource healthcare solution supporting pregnancy and early life.

What will the key outcomes be?

There are four main outcomes expected from the project. These outcomes will deliver wider impacts for healthcare, the economy and society.

Bump2Baby and Me coaching app

This novel app will bring together smart phone technology and coaching for weight management. The innovative intervention is aimed at women at high risk of developing gestational diabetes (GDM). It is hoped that the app will offer a low-cost solution for healthcare systems and will also enable virtual health interventions fit for the challenges of 21st century society.

Implementation toolkit

The toolkit aims to support healthcare services and systems to implement and scale up the Bump2Baby and Me intervention. It is anticipated that the toolkit will contain:

  • A road map on stakeholder engagement across management and frontline staff;
  • Project governance recommendations;
  • Training resources and implementation and delivery framework
  • Recommendations and resources targeting staff, women and managers (including resources required and anticipated savings).

Economic model of pregnancy and postpartum lifestyle intervention

The models will be disseminated to healthcare systems and decision makers, providing a justification for implementing the intervention.

Policy options

Policy options will be developed to inform future policy on maternal and early life interventions in the context of weight management and GDM. The policy options will be backed up by robust evidence generated during the project and will incorporate aspects of the economic model referred to above.